Terri Windsor Counselling & Psychotherapy in Northumberland

“When we disconnect from the body, we are pulling away from the energetic expression of our being that connects us with all of life.”― Tara Brach

How I Work

My approach to therapy is a holistic and integrated one which recognises the importance of body as well as mind processes. I work by exploring your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviour and physical responses, helping you gain clarity around your experience, particularly noticing repeating patterns in how you relate to yourself and those around you.

Through our life experiences and interaction with others we can learn to change ourselves to "fit in" and then lose touch with what we really think and feel. We can become stuck in patterns of behaviour and beliefs about ourselves that get in the way, changing how we relate to ourselves and to others, and stopping us living satisfying lives.

I work at your pace, supporting you to come to a greater awareness of yourself, whilst being gently challenging. The therapeutic relationship provides the context for our exploration and is the means through which healing comes. Through our dialogue new possibilities can emerge, enabling you to make different choices about how you live your life.

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